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Earloop Disposable Medical Masks

Earloop Disposable Medical Masks


【Product Name】Earloop Disposable Medical Mask

【Model Name】AMG-02,17.5cmx9.5cm; AMG-05,17.5cmx9.5cm.


【Composition】Heat-sealing with non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics as main materials .

【Application】Earloop Disposable Medical Masks used to protect patients by preventing the transmission of germs from medical staff to patients. It can also be used to prevent the patient's saliva from splashing into the air.

【Contraindication, Attention, Contents of Warnings and Reminders】

It is strictly prohibited to use after mildew, packaging damage and expiration. This mask is disposable. It cannot be reused; If the user feels the respiratory resistance is larger, contaminated or damaged, please replace it with a new one in time; The mask should be treated as medical waste after use.

【Use Instructions】

1.Locate the metallic strip and place it on the nose bridge.

2.Secure the strings behind your head or over your ears.

3.Cover mouth and nose fully making sure there are no gaps.

4.Press the metallic strip to fit the shape of the nose.

【Storage & transport】

Store in the environment which is dry and without non-corrosive gas. Keep away from fire source and inflammable material. The product should be prevented from moisture during transportation, closed packaging.

【Product Validity】2 years.

【Accessories】No accessories

【Symbol Explanation】

1. Do not re-use

2. EC|REP means the EU authorized representative

3. The product is not sterile

4. Consult instruction for use

5. Do not use if package is damaged

6. Keep away from sunlight

7. Keep away from rain

8. Fragile, handle with care

9. Medical device

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