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As a digital full service dental lab, Advanced Medical Group was founded in 2012; we have been specialized in dental R&D, high quality producing and processing business.

We have high-tech dental equipment from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Japan and other countries. We import raw materials from US & Europe with CE and ISO certificate and manufacture a variety of dental products.

From the raw materials ‘procurement, production processing testing to the final quality inspection, we strictly implement the international quality management standard system.

Under the leadership of our CEO, now we have more than 500 technicians. We started to introduce 3D printing technology and equipment since 2016 and built our own digital center. In the past 4 years, our digitization has expanded rapidly. In 2019, we researched and developed new products ---digital denture (one piece) and milled occlusal splint, which will be an industry first.

We provide the following products: Digital products: Digital denture, 3D Laser printed metal framework, Milled Peek framework, Milled occlusal splint(hard), Milled occlusal splint(soft), Multi unit abutment, Custom abutment, Implant bar, Custom tray, SOS, EMAX CAD, Monolithic zirconia, 3D model printing.

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