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June 25, 2024
Constantly building ingenuity and focusing, polishing our products with time, and let the time witness the quality. In Shenzhen, the leading core of the Greater Bay Area, and Advanced Dental Laboratory(ADL) was founded following the tendency.
ADL, focusing on the field of dental prosthesis for more than 12 years, has gradually grown into a digital technology-based prosthesis enterprise equipped with CAD digital center and modern whole industrial chain talents, constantly leading the prosthesis manufacturing industry towards high-end, specialized research and refinement.
In the era of science and technology and intelligent manufacturing, ADL comprehensively upgrades the prosthesis production management system to realize digital transformation. From the source, based on the young, high-tech and professional management team, ADL makes new guarantees for the solid quality of prosthesis. It gathers high-skilled top talents in the fields of stomatology, prosthesis restoration and numerical control equipment operation, establishes expert workstation, introduces advanced milling and digital scanning, printing equipment at home and abroad, protects the digital intelligent manufacturing and truly realizes the digital whole-process production from design, production and manufacturing.
In addition, we starts high-end prosthesis production and continuously develops in the fields of implant to meet more diversified market demands of customers.
As the time goes by, the market is changing dramatically, and ADL’s pursuit of quality remains the same. No matter traditional denture or digital production, we always uphold the faith and sense of responsibility for quality. From occlusion, inter-proximal to shade, each process, each crown, are in strict inspection by the quality inspectors. In the perspective of ADL’s staff, it is not only technology, but also art.
The encounter of technology and aesthetics, the gathering of ingenuity and intelligence, and the perfect integration of human and equipment in order to ensure the accurate connection of the links of the production chain including front-end research and development, design and production. Designing, scanning, printing, milling, focusing on observing and meticulously carving. Experienced dental technician, and full traceability of the entire production process.
Constantly sharing, exchanging and learning new technologies, new materials and new cases, which have all resulted in the exclusive quality that ADL has always led in the industry. More than 20 patents and qualification certificates certify the quality of ADL’s products.
Sticking to the original intention and abiding by our mission. Every change and innovation is a transcendence of the past.
With the dedicated, enthusiastic, altruistic spirit and attitude, our customer service team, give feedback, and reply timely and warmly.
We accurately delivers its services all over China and further reaches all over the world. ADL continues its efforts to rebuild the global ecology of dentistry and restorative dentistry.
If we want to understand ADL, we should start from "tooth", from every beautiful smile. ADL, the practitioner of prosthesis technology and quality.